Orange cat
Among orange cats, you’ll find some of the most vibrant, active, and athletic cats in all the feline world.
Grey Cat Breeds
There’s just something about grey cat breeds distinguished aura that make them stand out from the rest.
flat face cat
The Persian cat might be the poster child of flat faced cat breeds, but it’s certainly not the only short-muzzled beauty out there.
Group of kittens
Cats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - browse our list of cat breeds to find the purrfect match for you.
Khao Manee cat staring
The Khao Manee cat is a rare breed of cat with precious stones for eyes – typicaly one silver and one gold alongside a flawless white coat.
Maine Coon kitten
The Maine Coon cat is a heavily boned, muscular, impressive looking cat with a grumpy look but is actually very amiable and people-oriented.
Munchkin cat
As you can probably guess by my Munchkin name, I am miniature cat. And not only am I tinier than other breeds, but my legs are extremely short and stout, much like the Dachschund or Corgi, except you know, in a cuter, cat way!
Nebelung cat laying down
Nebelung cats have intense eyes, pointed ears and a silvery blue coat. Their name is German and means “creature of the mist,” a reference to the cat’s shimmering silvery-blue coat.
Norwegian Forest Cat
Like all Norwegian forest cats the first thing you’ll notice about me is that I am sporting a seriously luxurious, intensely fluffy coat.
Sphynx cat
The Sphynx cat is known for a total lack of hair. With a lean, muscular, fit body and a great attitude the Sphynx is a standout among cat breeds.