Cat Behavior

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Cat yowling
A set of audio cat vocalizations including yowling, purring & meowing. WARNING: These sounds may result in a negative/aggressive response from your cat. Please use responsibly!
Do male cats have advantages over female cats? Is there such a thing as a feline battle of the sexes? Let's discuss the pros and cons of both sexes.
cat meowing
Whether it is a short meow or a long drawn our meoooow, your cat is trying to tell you something. But what? Aren’t they just saying the same thing, just differently? No, you don't need a secret cat decoder. Just think of each different meow as a different phrase. Table
cat licking person
Have you ever snuggled on the couch when all of a sudden — LICK. You get attacked by a rough little cat tongue. Consider it a major compliment! Licking their humans is one of their love languages.
biting cat
The best way to decipher the reason behind why your cat bites are to look for behaviors that accompany the biting. If you’ve been bitten, it is most likely related to one of these five reasons. Here’s our guide to why cats bite and how to avoid them.
Purring cat
It's long been a misconception that a purring cat is, unequivocally, a happy cat. It's generally a fairly safe assumption to make (they do purr when content), but it narrows down the scope of a purr. If we assume it's just a way for your cat to tell you that
Bored cat
Table of Contents Bored Cat Introduction Contrary to many kitty stereotypes, cats are not solitary hunters, content to prowl alone through the wilds of your living room. Your cat can get bored - very bored without stimulation and interaction. Kitty needs playtime! She needs attention and things to do and ponder.
Girl hugging cat
Do you struggle to tell the difference between a cat's meow and its sullen glance of what appears to be pure, unadulterated apathy Most people would have you believe that cats are simply aloof creatures, uncaring and self-serving ? but as cat owners, we know that there's a much more
Cat looking irritated
Table of Contents Intro: Things cats hate Let's not pretend that cats don't have something of a bipolar reputation. People who have yet to discover the magic of their own pet cat often regard them as uncaring, moody, hard to please and more. The thing is they're very often correct.
Sleeping cat
They don't have a nine to five job, but cats sleep roughly twice as much as we do. As a matter of fact they only spend one third of their life awake. Which begs the question, why do cats sleep so much The simplest answer is, they sleep because they