All About Cat Whiskers

Your cat is a creature of mystery, mystery that permeates everything she does and every adorable feature of her precious little face. Everyone knows that one of most recognizable parts of a fabulous feline is her whiskers! No one disputes the beauty of these bristly appendages, but what are they for? Why do they invariably […]

Human Food Cats Can Eat

Now while there’s nothing wrong with handing your beloved feline a treat or two, simply giving him or her a bite of whatever you’re munching on can be rather risky for your pet ? even to the point of being deadly. There’s no need to worry just yet though if you’re still quite unsure which […]

How to Put a Cat on a Diet

If your cat’s legs aren’t the only things touching the floor when she’s walking, it’s probably time to put your cat on a diet. Sure, there are times when a cat simply eats so much that its belly grows in size for a short time and that’s completely normal. But if this is constantly the […]