Savannah Cat

Size: Medium-Large, 8 to 20 lbs Energy Level: 5/5 Talkative: 3/5 Coat: Short to medium in length with bold stripes and spots Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: Energetic humans generous with attention Child Friendly: Yes, but you’ll want to supervise Personality Snapshot: Extremely energetic, demands a lot of interaction from humans but reciprocates with affection, loves the […]

Scottish Fold Cat

Size: Small-Medium, 6 to 13 lbs Energy Level: 3/5 Talkative: 2/5 Coat: Short to semi-longhaired, very soft and silky Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: I get along with everyone! Child Friendly: Yes Personality Snapshot: Sweet-tempered, easily warms up to people and other pets, doesn’t crave for constant attention, curious, loves to play My Looks I am quite […]

Tonkinese Cat

You can describe the Tonkinese cat as having the overall appearance of power yet with a touch of grace and refinement. The Tonkinese are a domestic cat breed produced by crossbreeding the Siamese and Burmese – and has inherited both breed’s most defining characteristics. Table of Contents Breed Snapshot Breed: Tonkinese Cat Size: Medium, 5.5 to 12 […]

Toyger Cat Breed Profile

The Toyger is a domestic cat breed that are developed to look like toy tigers – thus the name – the ideal breed look is a short, reddish-orange coat with black tiger stripes. It’s the end result of breeding shorthaired tabbies to make them resemble a miniature tiger. Breed Snapshot Breed: Toyger cat Size: Medium, 7 […]