Cat Care

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Cat purring on person
Forget the empirical research; cat owners have been hailing this particular truth for decades - nothing beats the restorative power of a warm, comforting, cuddly, furry purrrrrring from a loving feline. As ever, though, science is only just catching up with the world of cat-love, finally putting some hard evidence
Cat having bath
Have you ever tried bathing a cat? If so, you probably know the drill. You run the bath water, corral the cat and put up with her struggles while you work the shampoo in. Then you rinse her off and maybe use the hair dryer to dry her off. Maybe
Cats mating
Birds do it. Bees do it. And your cat really, really wants to get in on the action too. If you have an intact female cat - you know exactly what we're talking about: cats in heat. Yes, that period of hormonal upheaval that transforms your sweet, adorable cat into
Cat whiskers
Your cat is a creature of mystery, mystery that permeates everything she does and every adorable feature of her precious little face. Everyone knows that one of most recognizable parts of a fabulous feline is her whiskers! No one disputes the beauty of these bristly appendages, but what are they
Cat feeling sick in bed
The weather outside is frightful and your cat has been feeling less than delightful. She's sneezing an awful lot lately and there's some kind of funky discharge coming out of her nose and eyes. She's breathing through her mouth as well, which you've never seen her do before. Reminds you
Cat eating human food
When it comes to food, the stuff that you consider healthy and delicious may not turn out the same for your pet cat. And not having a clue which ones to avoid serving up for your feline can lead to very undesired results.Here's a quick guide you can look over
Cat in fridge eating food
Now while there's nothing wrong with handing your beloved feline a treat or two, simply giving him or her a bite of whatever you're munching on can be rather risky for your pet ? even to the point of being deadly. There's no need to worry just yet though if
Fat cat outside
If your cat's legs aren't the only things touching the floor when she's walking, it's probably time to put your cat on a diet. Sure, there are times when a cat simply eats so much that its belly grows in size for a short time and that's completely normal. But
Cat with poisonous plant
All cat lovers know that what we consider as a decorative houseplant can easily double-duty as a quick snack for your feline friend. But allowing your kitty to just munch on whatever plant he or she sees in and around your home can lead to poisoning since some of these