Cat Groups

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Orange cat
Among orange cats, you’ll find some of the most vibrant, active, and athletic cats in all the feline world.
Grey Cat Breeds
There’s just something about grey cat breeds distinguished aura that make them stand out from the rest.
flat face cat
The Persian cat might be the poster child of flat faced cat breeds, but it’s certainly not the only short-muzzled beauty out there.
dwarf cats
Table of Contents Dwarf Cats Introduction Dwarf cats get their name from their short legs, which is cause by the condition of dwarfism. But while they may be short, they’re not necessarily miniature cats. As you’ll see below, some dwarf cats are pretty darn tiny. The Minskin, for example, is
Old cat
Table of Contents Introduction: Long Living Cat Breeds Thinking about getting a cat? Here’s how it goes: She’ll come into your life as a wide-eyed kitten and soon transform your house into a jungle of her very own as she worms her way into your heart like nobody else has
cat like dog
It's the classic cat vs dog debate. And it gets especially heated when you're trying to decide on the best pet for you. On one hand, you love the purring, pleasant, mellow company of a cat. You admire their independence. And the fact that they groom themselves, don't smell, and
Cat swimming
Everybody knows that cats hate water. That's why they obsessively groom themselves every minute of the day, right? So we don't start plotting how to stick them in a bathtub.Well, not exactly. While most felines would rather walk through dog poop than get their precious paws wet, there are quite
playful cat
You adore the furry, fluffy good looks of felines but you've heard one too many tales of apathetic kitties to make you hesitant about getting a cat. Sure, you'd love some fuzzy purring company, but you also need some interaction and a furniture with fur is not what you'd consider
Miniature cat
There are big cats and small cats. And then there are the tiniest cats you'll ever see. These smallest cat breeds are known by many names: teacup cats, miniature cats, toy cats and dwarf cats. Although these names are often used interchangeable, they're not all referring to the the same
white cat
Love the snowy soft look of white cats? Or maybe you've just got all white furniture and are looking for a practical kitty to add to your home. Well, whatever it is, you're in luck 'cause there are quite a few white cat breeds with downy, milky coats that'll make