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Flat face cats, also known as brachycephalic cats, have a short nose and flat face. The flat face is not just an appearance. It’s the result of a genetic trait which shortens and broadens the skull.

The Persian cat might be the poster child of flat faced cat breeds, but it’s certainly not the only short-muzzled beauty out there.

Persian kitten

The Scottish Folds flat face is rather adorable (Scottish Fold kittens below) and those huge eyes and droopy ears add to the cuteness.

flat face kittens

The British Shorthair is another fine example of a flat face breed. With those round, fluffy teddy-bear looks it’s no wonder it’s the most popular cat in Britain.

If you can’t deal with all the Persian fur then the Exotic Shorthair may be the purrfect flat face match for you!

There’s just a whole list of flat-faced cats to befriend.

Unfortunately, this look can sometimes come at a health cost so please do the research. The look has become popular over the years in the cat breeding industry.

Flat-faced cats, can experience multiple health issues due to the genetics behind these cute faces. These can include breathing problems, snorting or huffing like that of a pug or French bulldog. Typically, the flatter the face the more noticeable the problem.

Having a short muzzle can also make it a challenge for kitty to scoop up wet or dry food or even drink water.

Another potential problem are those cute glassy eyes. They protrude further so have less protection than that of a typical cat resulting in an increased likelihood of obstructions and discharge from the eyes.

Shall we talk about snoring? OK hopefully you are not a light sleeper!

If you would like to read further on these potential health problems SeniorCatWellness has a good article found here.

On another note most flat-faced cat breeds have super friendly, affectionate and laid-back personalities. The operative word there is “laid-back” i.e. the Persian.

Of course, some are as playful and active as they come. Yes, we think the Scottish Fold and Selkirk qualify!

Flat Face Cat Breeds

Without further ado, here are the flat faced cat breeds of the feline world.

British Shorthair

  • Size: Medium-Large, 8 to 16 lbs.
  • Face: Brachycephalic / flat faced cat.
  • Personality Snapshot: Calm and gentle, playful yet not overactive.

With my round, fluffy teddy-bear looks, it’s no wonder I’m the most popular cat in Britain. And it’s not just my looks that keep me ranking on the world’s most popular cat charts either – I am a well-mannered, genteel feline with a zen-like disposition toward life and fellow creatures. A true pleasure to be around and no trouble at all.

British Shorthair Cat on window sill Shorthair Full Profile


  • Size: Medium, 5 to 11 lbs.
  • Face: Brachycephalic / flat faced cat.
  • Personality Snapshot: Extremely playful with both humans and other pets, inquisitive and hungry for affection.

The Bombay breed looks like a miniature wild cat. With a jet-black coat and mysterious eyes that glow in a radiant copper or golden hue the Bombay is certainly a striking cat breed. Classified as a medium-sized cat with sturdy yet lean muscles and pointed ears that translate to a beautify majestic cat appearance

Bombay Cat Bombay Full Profile


  • Size: Medium, 6 to 12 lbs
  • Face: Brachycephalic / flat faced cat.
  • Personality Snapshot: Fun-loving and playful but gentle and laid-back, highly sociable yet independent, loves high places but tends to be clumsy.

I get my good looks – and my personality – from two exceptional cat breeds – the playful and mischievous Burmese and the laid back and affectionate Chinchilla Persian, which makes me the purrfect mix of the two temperaments: fun-loving and sociable yet quiet, gentle, and very easy to get on with. My upbeat yet laid-back disposition makes me one of the easiest felines to take care of – just keep in mind I tend to be a bit clumsy so store away your breakables!

Burmilla cat Burmilla Full Profile

Exotic Shorthair

  • Size: Medium-large, 8 to 15 lbs
  • Face: Brachycephalic / flat faced cat.
  • Personality Snapshot: Very sociable, affectionate and playful, not very vocal and loves being cuddled.

Love the cuddly good looks of the Persian but can’t deal with all the fur? Then I’m purrfect for you, since I’ve got all the adorable looks of the Persian minus the high-maintenance coat. I’ve even inherited the Persian’s easy-going, affectionate disposition but with another crucial difference – I’m active and playful. Many think I’m the cutest flat faced cat breed of them all!

Exotic shorthair flat face cat Exotic Full Profile


  • Size: Medium-large, 8 to 13 lbs
  • Face: Brachycephalic / flat faced cat breed.
  • Personality Snapshot: Moderately vocal, placid, not too playful but friendly.

I’m what’s known as the best of both worlds – a purrfect combination of two very popular cat breeds, the Persian and the Siamese. And that’s both for my looks and my personality, which strikes the ideal balance between the Persian’s gentle nature and the Siamese’s affectionate playfulness.

Himalayan flat face cat Himalayan Full Profile


  • Size: Small-Medium, 4 to 9 lbs
  • Face: Brachycephalic / flat faced cat.
  • Personality Snapshot: Very playful, inquisitive, people-oriented, loves running and chasing, likes to be handled, fond of shiny things.

I may be miniature, but I’ve got a big heart. I socialize with everyone and am always open to being adored – even if that translates to being picked up. And my short stature never prevents me from living life to the fullest. In fact, I’m every bit as active and playful as my longer-legged counterparts.

Munchkin cat

Munchkin Full Profile


  • Size: Medium-large, 7 to 12 lbs
  • Face: Brachycephalic / flat faced cat.
  • Personality Snapshot: Very zen-like, quiet and gentle, loves to lounge and affectionate yet undemanding.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve officially been the most popular cat breed for, like, forever. My desirability has both to do with my adorably fluffy looks as my extremely laid-back personality. I’m very zen-like, you know – gentle, soft-spoken and capable of accepting every moment with gracious nonchalance.

Persian cat Persian Full Profile

Scottish Fold

  • Size: Small-Medium, 6 to 13 lbs
  • Face: Brachycephalic / flat faced cat breed.
  • Personality Snapshot: Sweet-tempered, easily warms up to people and other pets, doesn’t crave for constant attention, curious, loves to play.

With my huge eyes and droopy ears, I am possibly the cutest cat flat faced cat that ever lived. But my cuteness isn’t just fur-deep. I am cute to the core. Sweet, gentle, docile, I get along with everyone and retain my kitten-like playfulness well into adulthood. Oh, did I mention I rock at posing for pictures!

Scottish fold flat face cat

Scottish Fold Full Profile

Selkirk Rex

  • Size: Medium-Large, 6 to 16 lbs
  • Face: Brachycephalic / flat faced cat breed.
  • Personality Snapshot: Extremely gentle and mellow, likes to socialize with people and other pets, very laid back.

With a curly coat that’s thicker and plusher than the LaPerm’s covering my large, heavy-boned body, I’m a very abundant feline. And it’s not just my looks – I hail from several notable cat breeds and have inherited their most winsome qualities: the affectionate patience of the Persian, the graceful calm of the British Shorthair, and the playful sociability of the Exotic Shorthair.

selkirk rex profile Selkirk Rex Full Profile Browse Breeds

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  1. I absolutely love the flat faced kittens and the cats with the super Fluffy, curly hair. Hopefully if their not too far or expensive I’d like to buy some. My grandmother is bed bound and she really needs a little cat to hangout with

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