Best Cat Nail Clippers to Tidy Up Your Feline’s Nails Without Getting Killed

If you rile a tiger, he’s going to show his claws? is a quote that could be happily applied to our little house tigers. Cats have claws and while you may fear that they may hurt you, your family or that antique couch you should never think about declawing your cat.

Declawing has been linked to behavioral and other severe health problems. So, the best way to deal with your little tiger is to cut their nails.

This not only ensures your own safety but also aids in your cat’s general health. By cutting both our own nails and our cats? nails, we ensure that harmful bacteria under the nail is gone and fresh keratin can grow in its place. That being said, it’s no easy feat cutting cat nails and having the right tools make the job a lot easier.

Adult cat nails should be cut every 10-14 days and knowing how to do this in the most stress-free way is always helpful. So, save your couch, skin, and cat with some of these cat nail clippers and tricks.

Tips and Tricks for Cutting Cat Nails

Cats, unless exposed to nail clipping from a young age, will be scared of the sound and the idea of something so close to their precious nails. Cat nails have two parts that you should be aware of, the pink nail part known as the Quick and the white part which is the claw tip.

The Quick is full of small blood vessels and nerves, and you should never cut into this section of the nail. It will be painful and will bleed. When cutting your cat’s nails, you should try and push the nail out of the nail bed, exposing as much of the nail as possible. This allows you to stay away from the Quick.

Below are a few other tips and tricks you can put to good use when cutting your cats? nails.

  • Don’t try and cut all claws at the same time. Cats will be impatient with the nail cutting process can be stressful for both your cat and you.
  • Train your cat to not be afraid of nail clippers. Every time you take out the clippers pair them with a treat.
  • You can feed your cat during the process; this will give your cat a distraction while you work on their nails.
  • Wrap them up in a towel. If your cat is particularly impossible, then you can wrap them up in a towel and expose only the paw you are working on. This stops your cat from fighting and scratching you with their free paws.

So, now that you know where to cut and how to cut your cat’s nails its time we look at the the tools that you could use. Because you do need special cat nail clippers – you should never try and cut your cat’s claws with your own nail clippers.

By buying cat clippers, you can ensure that you give your cat the cleanest, painless cut without you landing up with scratch marks. Below are the four styles of nail cutters that will make the task a little easier.

Types of Clippers: Which are the Best Cat Nail Clippers for You and Your Cat

Okay, when it comes to cat nail clippers – you have a bevy of choices. To give you a better idea of what will work best for your and your cat, let’s go over some of the most popular types and the best picks in each category!

1. Scissor Nail Trimmers

These clippers look like a small pair of scissors similar to beard trimmers. They are the most basic type of nail cutters and don’t require you to learn a new skill.

The best types of scissor nail trimmers on the market

Green Street Pet Basic Cat Nail Clippers with Safety Angled Blade

best cat nail clippers

These scissors are angled in such a way to allow easy clipping. The curve to fit the nail bed and can get between small paws, which makes the purrfect for tiny cats. The comfortable grip makes them non-slip, and the stainless steel makes for durability. Trusted by groomers and vets alike. Find them here!

KittyNail Cat Nail Clippers

best cat nail clippers

Simplicity is sometimes the best option. These clippers are small, and the blades are sharp enough to cut nails cleanly without leaving behind slivers. Small enough to keep around and sharp enough to do the job. Find them here!

2. Plier Nail Trimmers

Resembling wire cutters, this style is easier to hold than the conventional scissors. Pliers also offer a cleaner and quicker cut. They may look a little scarier, but they get the job done.

Resco Professional Plier-Style Cat Nail Clippers

best cat nail clippers

Lightweight and sturdy, these pliers are great nail trimmers. Made from steel these clippers are durable and long lasting. Small enough to get in between toes without being uncomfortable. There is a safety lock inbuilt. Find them here!

Pet Republique Professional Cat Nail Clippers with Optional Filer

best cat nail clippers

These ergonomically designed clippers are built for easy handling. The built in spring makes the clipping sharp and accurate. They are great for their price and can be used on both cats and dog. Overall, a plier cutter that does its job quick, fast and accurately. Find them here!

3. The Guillotine Clippers

These may sound terrifying, but they have great benefit. While there is some debate about their efficiency, they are a great choice when it comes to nail clippers. They get their name from the style of the blade and provide a very straight cut.

Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

best cat nail clippers

Made for newbies, these clippers are super easy to use. They come with a safety stop to stop you cutting into the quick. Very little pressure is needed to deliver a clean cut. They are lightweight and can be bought in a variety of sizes (small being just right for cats). Find them here!

Resco Original Cat Nail Clippers

best cat nail clippers

Resco designed the guillotine cutters and are still the leading manufacturer. The rubber grips ensure easy handling, and the blades are replaceable, providing the sharpest cut every time. These are well reviewed and are trusted by both vets and groomers. Find them here!

4. The Electrical Cutters

These cutters don’t cut? as much as they grind away at the nail. This sounds scary, and the noise may scare cats. These should be introduced early in a cat’s life. The clippers stop you from cutting too much of the nail off, as it is a slower process.

Professional Electric Pet Nail Grinder with 3 Different Gentle Filing Wheels

best cat nail clippers

This cutter uses a small grinder stone to trim your cat’s nail. Powered by two AA batteries these trimmers pride themselves on being quieter than other trimmers. Can be used on thick nails and while it may take longer to trim your cat’s nails it will be less stressful and slower. Find it here!

FURminator Nail Grinder

best cat nail clippers best cat nail clippers

Ensure safety and all around nail health with these trimmers. A small LED light will make it easy to find the quick. These grinders come with two replacements and has two speeds. Nail cutting will be painless, and your cat’s nails will be thankful for the soft yet clean cut. Find it here!

So, there you have it. Nail cutting should be part of your grooming practices. There are a number of tools you could use, and it may take a few hit and misses? before you find a tool that works for both you and your cat.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with what tools, and practice works best for both of you. Cutting your cat’s nails does not have to be a traumatic experience, and you should not have to deal with a sharp-nailed tiger running around your house. So go gently and trim those nails!

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