10 Cat Halloween Costumes that are So Cute, They’re Scary

cutest cat halloween costumes

10 Cat Halloween Costumes that are So Cute, They’re Scary

Halloween will soon be here ghosts and goblins will appear .and so will cats dressed up as firefighters this year. Dressing up your cat may not be something for everyone, but there are some fantastic Halloween costumes for cats out there for those of you that think Mittens needs an outfit.

Whether you get one to match your costume, for a photo shoot, to score more candy, or just for giggles, Halloween cat costumes are a guaranteed way to make this holiday a lot more memorable.

And who knows, maybe your cat has always wanted to be a killer shark

Just a word of warning, make sure that no costume is too tight around your cat’s neck and that you get the right size. Also, always take the costume off before your cat disappears into the night dressed up as Yoda. The neighbors may get the fight of their lives.

Cat Peacock Costume

halloween costumes for cats

I just had to start our list with this costume. Dressing your cat up as a giant peacock may seem weird, but that is what Halloween is all about. This costume comes in two parts and uses velcro to secure the pieces together. This means it is easy to take off should your cat not appreciate being turned into a majestic bird.

The costume leaves your cat’s face unobstructed, and the peacock feathers add a nice pop of color to any Halloween party. The cape can fit a neck size ranging from 7.5 inches to 9.5 inches so just make sure it fits snugly or your cat may start making peacock cries.

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Pizza Slice Cat Costume

cat halloween costumes

You love cats. You love pizza. Now you can put your two loves together and dress your cat as a piece of pizza. Made to look like a slice of pizza this jumpsuit is easy to put on your cat and is lightweight enough not to be uncomfortable.

While the size chart may lean more to the dog side, anything in the XS and S category will work correctly for cats. I love the idea of my cat running around like a pizza slice at a party, and I think that I need to find a costume to match.

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Lion Mane for Cats

lion mane for cat

Cats are the lions of our kitchens. And in that spirit, you can get them a lion mane to fit their roaring personalities. This Lion mane is made to fit snuggly around your cat’s face and will look great with any fur color. The mane is secured by ? Velcro-ing? the two parts together under your cat’s chin.

While your cat may not be too keen on having their ears covered this costume is ideal for short wear and will give you enough time for a few great pictures and few rounds of the Lion King theme song.

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Chinese New Year Cat


If you are looking for a costume with a historical twist to it, then look no further. This little costume is inspired by ancient Chinese fashion and will give your kitty an oriental look.

The quality is excellent, and the overall look is adorable. This would work for more than Halloween, and photos I have seen of cats in it are too cute. The costume comes in two styles; the jumpsuit and the plush like style. There are also choices in color, and I think that the red does pop and give that flair. Order some Chinese food and you can celebrate China in all its glory.

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Superman Cat

superman cat halloween costume

With all the superhero movies coming out, it is about time a Wonder Cat flew around to save the day. This Superman-inspired costume will have you in giggles, and you cat feeling like a hero.

Made to resemble a plush, this costume uses your cat’s head as the head of the hero and gives them a human body. The sizing again is a little tricky but if you stay in the XS to S categories you should be okay. This costume would also be fun to use for cat cosplay. Is that a thing? Well, now it is.

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Kitty Dinosaur

cute cat costume

Barney step aside there is a new dinosaur in town. This pink dinosaur jumpsuit is adorable. Not only are the spikes and tail additions fun but the suit is easy to wash and reuse.

Made from soft plush material this dino costume is the perfect for any occasion. It can also be used to as a coat to keep your cat warm in chilly weather. So start playing that Jurassic Park theme song on loop.

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Yoda Cat


For all you Star Wars fans out there this is the costume for you. This Yoda headpiece fits most cats and s and is just perfect for adding a little Halloween charm to your cat’s life.

This costume and a Leia headpiece are officially licensed by Lucas Films which means you are buying legit Star War’s merchandise. The famous green ears will be recognizable, and everyone will feel the force with them when you see them.

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Shark Cat

cute cat halloween costumes

Cats are by nature predators, but maybe just maybe they dream of being the greatest predator of them all! * cue Jaw’s music *. This shark costume is made from plush material and has elastic leg and arm holes ensuring comfort for your man eating cat.

The costume is bright blue, and the white teeth do make the shark pop out. This can be worn as a costume or as a coat in the winter as there is a nice fleecy lining on the inside. This is a favorite of mine, but then again I think that I want cat remakes of all classic movies. These go fast so order yours early!

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King For a Day Cat Costume

cute cat costumes

Make your cat the queen / king for the day with this costume by Petco. There are two parts to the costume; the cape and the crown. Both parts are secured with velcro making it easy to put on and take off.

The royal red color is beautiful, and I have no doubt that any cat will feel like royalty with this on. Buy them a fancy cat tree and they will have a whole kingdom to survey after all we all know cats are royalty. They know it too.

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Bumblebee Cat Costume

cute cat costumes

There are a lot of buzz- words? I could use to describe this costume but just look at it! The bumblebee costume will add a level of cuteness that not many other costumes can achieve. The one-piece suit comes with tiny wings as well as a hood with antennas.

This costume is easy to put on, and the three pressure buttons allow for easy on and off. One size fits most, and I have no doubt that seeing you cat dressed up as a little bee will be bee-a-utiful .

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So, there you have it. Ten cute cat Halloween costumes that will get your kitty all the treats this year. You have a choice of costumes ranging from old Chinese outfits to full-on shark suits.

Your cat may not approve of the costume, and you should always keep your cat in your sight while they are dressed to impress. Sizing is also important but what is the most important is that your cat has something to wear this Halloween. Happy trick or treating!

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