Top 6 Cat Puzzles for Clever Kitties

Top 6 Cat Puzzles for Clever Kitties

We all love to take videos of our cats doing that clever thing? that they do. But, I ask you, is it clever or is it just .cute (insert gasp from the jury).

Testing your cat’s IQ is pretty hard to do but that does not mean you can’t challenge them to use their brains. By pushing them to work for their treats you are giving them both a brain workout and a muscle exercise.

You are also giving them adventure, a chance to grow, and above all a way for them to use their problem-solving skills. All these toys in some way push your cat to grow their brains and who knows we may have the next Sir Isaac Mew-ton among us.

Wondering if you got a cat genius on your hands lap? Or is kitty just a cute little feline? If you’re up for the challenge of finding out the truth, here are the best cat puzzles for your intellectually curious cat!

1. Wooden Treasure Hunt Cat Puzzle


While this may look like the board you play Match 3 off, it offers kitty a little more. There are 17 holes around the box which allows for 360-degree play.

Stuff a mouse or a ball into the box and watch how your cat figures out how to get him out. This Cat Hider is the perfect way to keep any cat entertained while pushing them to problem solve – which should be useful for the next time your cat pitches in on how you should arrange the furniture.

Throw a few treats into the box too and I am sure your cats level of intensity will increase. Let the games begin!

Find it here!

2. Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center


This toy at first looks like a tiny science fiction ant city. Come on look at it!

It is, in fact, an activity centre that pushes your cat to solve tasks in order to get treats. There are 5 unique games that require your cat to use different skills. They test paw skills, hunting strategy, precision and just plain old roll on- your -side and bat at it.

Be sure to use your cat’s favorite treats or you know they may not be so keen to try and get through the puzzles. This toy is also used to control food intake for those ummm big boned? cats. It gives them a challenge before they get fed. I think someone needs to invent something like this for me.

Find it here!

3. Interactive Fun IQ Cat Puzzle

best cat puzzles

As with every article, I like to include something a little organic and simple. This cat (and dog) toy is made from wood and the hanging fish is a nice accent. You fill the bottom section with your treats and swing the fish.

The fish swings back and forth and acts like one of those swinging blades in an India Jones movie. Ok, it is not that intense but this toy does test your cat’s problem-solving skills. Do you swat at the fish? Wait for it to stop rocking? So simple and yet so effective, as it tends to be with the best toys.

Find it here!

4. Trixie Pet Products Brain Mover Toy

cat puzzles for smart cats

While this may kind of look similar to the Trixie Activity centre it does offer something a bit more complex. Not only are there more complicated tests but the focus is on the cat brain more than her soon-to-be-awarded stomach.

There are 4 games that use balls, levers, and slates to intrigue your cat. Each game forces your cat to use a skill they may not know they have. You are like the cat whisperer you wish you were! Again, treats act as an incentive but with these tests, there is no doubt your cat will take longer to get the goodness.

Note: best for the smartest kitties around.

Find it here!

5. WOpet? Modular Track Ball Cat Puzzle


The problem with puzzle games is that cats figure them out fast. They are clever little buggers.

So if you’ve got a smarter-than-average cat, you’ll want to go with this one. This cat toy allows for endless possibilities. You can lock and block each segment to make a different track each time. The ball stays within the tracks and cats will have fun batting the ball through the gaps.

With the endless possibilities, this is a MUST HAVE. I can’t help but imagine a race car noise buzzing around as the ball goes. There are 9 inches of track and it can be easily packed away and put together again .

Find it here!

6. Petzfunny Cat Puzzle Feeder


This IQ testing toy is both for cats and dogs and is a great little feeder. You basically fill it up and let it roll around the floor. The toy works in such a way that your little genius will have to push the toy over and try and get the treats to fall out.

Standing at just about 6 inches this is just right for cats. The hard plastic allows for it to be smacked around and I really think it’s a fun addition to the kitchen and feeding time.

Find it here!


So, if you are looking to build those kitty brain cells, invest in an IQ toy. Not only do they also act as a sneaky way to limit food intake but it forces your cat to be just that – A CAT!

Let them attack things, push balls and fight a little in order to get their food. Some toys will intrigue your cat and other just won’t. Each one on this list? Well, they’ll not only intrigue your kitty, but also provide the sort of playtime that a budding Stephen Pawking needs.

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