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tailless cat
Most cat lovers haven't yet had the pleasure of encountering naturally tailless cats so when you first come across one, prepare to be surprised. We all have an internal image of what a cat should look like: you know, perky ears; round, almond-shaped eyes; and a long, flickery tail. So
Cat feeling sick in bed
The weather outside is frightful and your cat has been feeling less than delightful. She's sneezing an awful lot lately and there's some kind of funky discharge coming out of her nose and eyes. She's breathing through her mouth as well, which you've never seen her do before. Reminds you
Affectionate cat
It's a shame that cats keep getting cast in a villainous light, accused of being snooty and cold-hearted when, as many cat owners know, it is just not true! Sure, cats are independent animals but they do love their owners and prove that through a range of warm gestures from
Popular cat breeds
Cats are crazy popular. They rule the Internet as well as a whole lot of households. According to research, dog owning households slightly outnumber cat owning households – but when it comes to raw population, cats outnumber dogs.
Smart cat breeds
There is no doubt that cats can be intelligent companions. And 'though whether cats are smarter than dogs has always been and will remain a hot topic of debate, after coming home from a hard day at work to find the cat napping in a sunbeam, it's hard not to
Cat being friendly with dog
Cats have too long been stereotyped as aloof and anti-social creatures. And sure, our feline friends may not be as obvious about their affections as canines, but that doesn't mean these furry felines don't crave attention, company and cuddle sessions. In fact, certain cat breeds live to mix and mingle.
Cat breed Birman sitting on grass
Some like them hairless. Some prefer curly. And they're all lovely in their own way, but you have to admit there's nothing like a soft, fluffy puffball to really melt your heart. Seriously, what is it about fluffy cat breeds that make them so darn gorgeous? Maybe it's the aesthetics
American Curl laying down
Ever noticed how some pet breeds seem to be prone to trends? You can't tell as much with cats since most of us leave our precious felines at home but it's easy to spot with canines. A few years back, Puggles were all the rage. And then it was French
Exotic cat breed maine coon
Lucky for us exotic cat lovers, there are also two categories of exotic cat breeds that we can raise and love: hybrid cats and domestic cats with wildcat looks.
hypoallergenic cat with person
Are you a cat lover who gets sniffly whenever a feline crosses your path? Normally, I'd have the same sympathy for you as I do for those who are lactose intolerant and can't have ice cream (No ice cream ! Is there no god !)...but there's no need for a