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Toyger cat
The Toyger is a domestic cat breed that are developed to look like toy tigers – thus the name – the ideal breed look is a short, reddish-orange coat with black tiger stripes. It's the end result of breeding shorthaired tabbies to make them resemble a miniature tiger. Breed Snapshot
Turkish van cat
The very first thing you’ll notice about me and pretty much all Turkish Van cats are the unique splashes of color on my body, particularly on my head and tail. While most of me is pure white, my coat boasts smatterings of lilac, caramel, blue, black, silver and red. Table
cat water fountain reviews
There are two things your cat should never be without: love and water. While the first one may come naturally, it is important that your cat always has water and one surefire way to assure that is by choosing the best cat water fountain. The idea of the water bowl
Cat eating human food
When it comes to food, the stuff that you consider healthy and delicious may not turn out the same for your pet cat. And not having a clue which ones to avoid serving up for your feline can lead to very undesired results.Here's a quick guide you can look over
Cat in fridge eating food
Now while there's nothing wrong with handing your beloved feline a treat or two, simply giving him or her a bite of whatever you're munching on can be rather risky for your pet ? even to the point of being deadly. There's no need to worry just yet though if
Fat cat outside
If your cat's legs aren't the only things touching the floor when she's walking, it's probably time to put your cat on a diet. Sure, there are times when a cat simply eats so much that its belly grows in size for a short time and that's completely normal. But
Cat with poisonous plant
All cat lovers know that what we consider as a decorative houseplant can easily double-duty as a quick snack for your feline friend. But allowing your kitty to just munch on whatever plant he or she sees in and around your home can lead to poisoning since some of these
Cat on a modern cat tree
Modern is a refreshing change from the typical carpet style cat trees. As living spaces change this style of hang-out area seems to be the future of cat trees, and there are so many fun yet functional designs to choose from. Modern cat trees are about clean, simple design. Indoor
best cat books
Writing is hard. Getting published is even harder...unless you are a cat. Yes, you read that right, cats have beaten me to something yet again. The tree climbing incident does not count. Thanks a lot furry wonders, now my mum has another reason to love her cat more than me.
Calm cat
Cats seem to be living a stress-free life. They sleep, eat, play and lounge around in the sun. The truth is that cats can be put under a lot of stress by simple things. A new house, a new addition to the family, fireworks, a visit to the vet or