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Khao Manee cat staring
The Khao Manee cat is a rare breed of cat with precious stones for eyes – typicaly one silver and one gold alongside a flawless white coat.
Kinkalow Cat
The Kinkalow cat is an eye-catching, rare breed of cat that originated in the United States. You see, the Kinkalow breed is a hybrid of two already interesting cat breeds – the Munchkin and the American Curl – and has inherited both breed’s most defining characteristics. Table of Contents Breed Snapshot Breed:
Korat cat staring ahead
Size: Small-Medium, 5 to 11 lbs Energy Level: 5/5 Talkative: 3/5 Coat: Short, thick and silky coat in silver-tipped blue, bluish gray Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: Someone who'll spend lots of quality time with me Child Friendly: Yes Personality Snapshot: Loves being the center of attention, craves constant companionship and can
Kurilian cat
Size: Medium-large, 8 to 15 lbs Energy Level: 5/5 Talkative: 2/5 Coat: Short to long, thick and very silky Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: I love everyone! Child Friendly: Yes Personality Snapshot: Extremely loving, friendly and laid-back, extremely skilled hunter My Looks If you first chanced upon me in the great outdoors,
Lambkin dwarf Cat breed
The name “Lambkin cat” (also known as Nanus Rex) came about as the breeds coat has the appearance of a lamb’s fleece. The Lambkin is a mixed breed that crosses the popular breed Munchkin cat and Selkirk Rex which gives the breed the unique curly coat. Table of Contents Breed
LaPerm cats in suitcase
As you’ve already guessed from my name – yes, I do look like I just got a perm. And it’s no wussy, soft-beach-waves kind of perm, either. Mine’s the real thing – noticeably long corkscrew curls and seriously tight ringlets that adorn my glorious body and are especially curly around
Maine Coon kitten
The Maine Coon cat is a heavily boned, muscular, impressive looking cat with a grumpy look but is actually very amiable and people-oriented.
Manx cat
Size: Medium, 8 to 12 lbs Energy Level: 3/5 Talkative: 2/5 Coat: Short to long, thick and very silky Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: Interactive humans up for adventure! Child Friendly: Yes Personality Snapshot: Very clever and sociable, territorial, can master tricks and go on walks, fond of water and quite canine-like
Minskin cat
Minskin cats are a breed of cat crossbred from the Munchkin and Sphynx. Minskin cats are mini, hairless and destined to stay pocket-sized for life. The Minskin is a very affectionate, family orientated, intelligent feline who loves to spend time exploring and playing with the family. Table of Contents Breed
Munchkin cat
As you can probably guess by my Munchkin name, I am miniature cat. And not only am I tinier than other breeds, but my legs are extremely short and stout, much like the Dachschund or Corgi, except you know, in a cuter, cat way!