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Nebelung cat laying down
Nebelung cats have intense eyes, pointed ears and a silvery blue coat. Their name is German and means “creature of the mist,” a reference to the cat’s shimmering silvery-blue coat.
Norwegian Forest Cat
Like all Norwegian forest cats the first thing you’ll notice about me is that I am sporting a seriously luxurious, intensely fluffy coat.
Size: Medium-large, 5 to 14 lbs Energy Level: 4/5 Talkative: 3/5 Coat: Short, fairly silky, smooth and lies close to its body Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: Experienced, active humans who'll work out with me Child Friendly: Yes Personality Snapshot: Very smart, playful and highly active, likes to be handled and inherently
Ojos azules cat
The Ojos Azules is a rare cat breed with blue eyes. But they’re not just plain old blue – they're the deepest shade of azules you can imagine. With an affectionate and relaxed personality, the Ojos Azules is still regarded as one of the more mysterious cat breeds. Table of
Oriental cat
Avid cat enthusiasts describe the Oriental Shorthair cat as the colored counterpart of the original two-tone Siamese, which became extremely popular in Europe in the early 1900’s.The Oriental is a domestic breed that is developed from and closely related to you, guessed it the Siamese cat. Table of Contents Breed
Persian white cat
Size: Medium-large, 7 to 12 lbs Energy Level: 1/5 Talkative: 2/5 Coat: Very long, thick and requires habitual grooming Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: Anyone willing to brush me regularly and not make sudden, loud noises Child Friendly: Yes Personality Snapshot: Very zen-like, quiet and gentle, loves to lounge and affectionate yet
Peterbald cat
Size:Medium, 7 to 14 lbs Energy Level: 4/5 Talkative: 4/5 Coat: Very short to totally hairless, with a peach fuzz feel when touched Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: Anyone with tons of affectionate and attention to give Child Friendly: Yes Personality Snapshot: Highly affectionate and very social, loves to show off my
Pixie bob cat staring
Size: Medium-large, 9 to 18 lbs Energy Level: 4/5 Talkative: 3/5 Coat: Short to long with a light undercoat Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: I'm a low-maintenance feline that gets on well with everyone Child Friendly: Yes Personality Snapshot: Very intelligent, gets along easily with people and other pets, playful but not
Ragdoll cat
Size: Large, 12 to 20 lbs Energy Level: 2/5 Talkative: 3/5 Coat: Semi-longhaired, smooth and very silky Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: I get along with everyone Child Friendly: I love kids! Personality Snapshot: Laid back and very gentle, loves to lounge, not so fond of climbing but likes water, will go
Russian blue cat
Size: Medium, 8 to 12 lbs Energy Level: 3/5 Talkative: 2/5 Coat: A double-coat that is fairly dense and thick Hypoallergenic: No Seeking: Pretty much anyone who's gentle and will keep my litter box clean Child Friendly: Yes Personality Snapshot: Quiet and introverted, prefer gentle affection over rough play, devoted