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Cats rule sign
Picture it. It's your first night in prison, the lights are out, the cell is cold, and you can feel the lumps in your old threadbare mattress. It's quiet then suddenly, your cell-mate asks the big question; What are you in for You take a deep breath; muster up the
Cat going outdoors
Take a moment to imagine life outside the litter box. There's no more stinky litter to clean out, no more litter getting tracked around your house, and what about all that money you'd save on litter. It sounds like a dream that's just a little too good to be true
Cats sitting
Attention all cat lovers ? a memo has just been put through from Feline Adoration Headquarters. It turns out that there's actually a whole world of cat-related things beyond the internet, our self-appointed cat mecca. Outside of the gifs, memes, videos and photos there are museums, islands, towns, caf's and
Cat eating catnip
Even if you're not a cat owner or particularly well versed in the world of cat terminology, you'll have heard the term catnip? bandied about before. Through general societal osmosis, it seems that we all sort of associate catnip, on some level, with drugs and getting high only, for cats.
dwarf cats
Dwarf cats get their name from their short legs, which is cause by the condition of dwarfism. This article discusses popular dwarf breeds.
Purring cat
It's long been a misconception that a purring cat is, unequivocally, a happy cat. It's generally a fairly safe assumption to make (they do purr when content), but it narrows down the scope of a purr. If we assume it's just a way for your cat to tell you that
Crazy cat lady holding a cat high
The Simpsons might have seared the image of a crazy cat lady being a disheveled, witchy woman living in a shack, wreathed in screaming cats and chasing off passers-by with feline projectiles. But, as ever, the real world isn't quite so black and white. Indeed, some of you reading this
Cat doing tricks
If there's one thing we can establish as an absolute fact it's that we're all perfectly happy to adopt the role of spectator to cats worldwide, and their everyday activities. Who can truthfully say they've ever gotten bored of watching their resident kitty fart itself awake and spring to a
Cat laying on cat tree perch
Towers are not only reserved for Rapunzel. Cats love to clamber up these towers, and they bring with them great health benefits as well as charm to your living area. They encourage cats to climb and use their muscles. Some even come with inbuilt scratchers, hammocks and great places to
Old cat
Choose a cat breed that has less health problems that will interfere with her chance of a long, prosperous life. To help you do that, we’ve made a list of the longest living cat breeds around.