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There are many sizes, styles and makes of cat trees, allowing you to find something that fits your aesthetic as well as your cat’s needs. The choices are many, from cat trees that look like trees to fun filled adventure playhouses. This article discusses the benefits of a cat tree, considerations to make prior to purchasing, and some recommended cat trees models.

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Benefits of a Cat Tree


Cat’s like to view the world both on the ground and at a higher vertical level than us humans. Providing a cat tree gives them a higher vantage point, which makes them feel more relaxed, safer from attack, provides them with an escape route if they feel overwhelmed. Keep in mind from a cat’s standpoint an attack could be something as simple as an obnoxious dog wanting to play or an annoying kid.

Cat tree by window

Cat Conflicts

Having multiple cat’s in a household can lead to territorial conflicts. Providing a cat tree with multiple perches at different levels, provides the opportunity for the more dominant cat to claim the highest perch, while a less dominant or timid cat can enjoy one of the lower level perches.

cats looking tense

Scratching Station

Cat’s need to scratch – this removes the sheath (outer portion of the claw) which makes way for a new one. It also sharpens their nails, relieves stress, marks their territory by leaving a visual mark and scent.
Cat’s seek out a sturdy surface for this, that’s heavy enough that they can really dig in and get a good stretch out on those front and back leg muscles. Does a sofa or chair in your house currently qualify? Let’s try replacing that, with a cat tree with multiple scratching stations on a heavy, wide base.

Cat scatching on cat tree


Some trees come pre-attached with dangling toys and other fun stuff to help entertain kitty. You can also try attaching your kitty’s favorite toys and integrate the cat tree as part of your daily play sessions.

Cat playing on cat tree

Recommended Cat Trees

On2Pets 60 inch Cat Condo

Manufactured in the United States On2Pets delivers on quality with a good balance between design and functionality. This model feature a stylish tree that look’s like a real tree and it comes in multiple shades and sizes including Autumn and Fall. It’s a breeze to assemble and supports large sized cats also.

  • Solid construction for being lightweight
  • Multiple designs and color choices
  • Super easy assembly
  • Multiple perches at various levels depending on size option
  • Adjustable perches for various positions
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • No enclosed sleeping areas
  • Leaves tend to fall off

You can view the full line of On2Pets cat trees available on Amazon by clicking here.

Kitty Mansions 78 inch Amazon Cat Tree

Kitty Mansion has been around since 2007. It’s a family run business that offers well-made cat trees at competitive prices. Many lower cost cat trees are cheaply made, flimsy. and prone to falling apart. On the other side of the spectrum you have trees that can run into the $100’s of dollars from big and flashy to sturdy and boring. Kitty Mansion competes somewhere in the middle. They offer a wide range of trees in various colors and sizes.

  • Heavy, high, solid construction
  • Multiple perches at various levels
  • Sleeping quarters: one low, one high
  • Scratching posts can be replaced
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Not simple to assemble
  • Perches are a little small for larger sized cats
  • Limited instructions for assembly
  • Leaves are easily torn off

You can view the full line of Kitty Mansions cat trees available on Amazon by clicking here.

Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club has been producing pet furniture since 2003. They provide a large variety of designs and color choices and have an excellent customer service. The white sisal rope on this model alongside the fox fur gives an aesthetically pleasing look alongside a solid construction and a real value for money price.

  • Solid base
  • Multiple designs and color choices
  • Easy assembly
  • Sleeping quarters: one low, one high
  • Multiple perches at various levels
  • Ten scratching posts with heavy duty sisal rope
  • Comes with dangling mice and plenty of room for more toys
  • Top perches are a little flimsy for large cats
  • Posts can sag overtime

You can view the full line of Go Pet Club cat trees available on Amazon by clicking here.

Furhaven Tiger Tough 69 Inch Cat Tree

Furhaven has been producing pet comfort products since 2004 and is one of the market place leaders for the price point. This model has an extra focus on play and comes with a variety of toys including a wooden box with two removable jingle balls.

  • Multiple designs, size options, color choices
  • Easy assembly
  • Designed to be a cat tree playhouse
  • Comes with a variety of dangling toys and a box game
  • One small and one big condo
  • Comes with dangling mice and plenty of room for more toys
  • Faux fur with sisal posts for scratching
  • Can’t be pushed flush against a wall as one platform goes beyond the base
  • Not very sturdy for larger cats
  • Perches could be more spread out

You can view the full line of Furhaven cat trees available on Amazon by clicking here.

FEANDREA 65 inch Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats

Feandrea makes beautiful looking cat trees alongside quality materials made to last. This model comes with reinforced particle boards and posts for a super stable cat tree. It’s spacious all around and the perches even have extra padding with raised edges.

  • Heavy, high, super solid construction
  • Multiple designs and color choices
  • Easy assembly
  • Extra room condos
  • Stability for large cats on all platforms
  • Main large scratchboard
  • Multiple perches at various levels
  • Padded plush perches
  • Twine doesn’t go all the way up posts so cat’s may tear at fabric above the twine
  • Older cats have a hard time getting to the top level

You can view the full line of Feandrea cat trees available on Amazon by clicking here.

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  1. Thanks for the write up. I went with the On2Pets cat tree. Both my cat and I are super happy with it!!!

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