6 Unique Modern Cat Trees to Spruce Up Your Living Space

Modern is fresh. Modern is hip. So why do you not own a modern cat tree? They really are the future of cat trees, and there are so many fun yet functional designs to choose from.

Modern cat trees are about clean design, height and about looking super swanky (I think that is a word) no matter what space you have. Indoor cats need some climbing room, and when you provide them with a modern cat tree, it gives them a new adventure and gives your home a little something extra. So come on, get hip and be with the cool kids. Get yourself a modern cat tree!

Baobab Modern Cat Tree

modern cat trees

If you still like the carpeted cat tree and are not ready for the leap to floating steps, then this is perfect. The Baobab Modern Cat Tree looks like a traditional cat tree but is clean and sharp in design.

The carpeted inserts can be removed (a huge convenience) and the wooden tree is laminated. That means it’s here for the long term. Standing at 60 inches, this is a modern cat tree for those of us who are slowly getting into the cool club.

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CatastrophiCreations Vertical Sisal Pole

unique cat tree

This is one unique tree. The sexy firefighter pole (sorry could not help myself) is not a usual inclusion in cat trees. Made from sisal, this vertical cat tree will bring out the acrobat in your cat while giving them something to scratch at.

The pole itself is four feet tall and can hold the heaviest of cats. This really is a great addition to any cat home and will test your cat in a new way.

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Zen Cat Bed Lounge and Scratcher


Ommmmmm. Bring a little zen into your space and your cat’s life. This modern cat tree is an unusual shape and has a resting platform, a full 20 x 40-inch scratching pad and steps. It allows for cat play while challenging the norm.

The angles of this cat tree will give your home a unique feel and will keep your cat occupied. The scratching post also pushes your cat to use their back legs. They shall become ninjas with all this zen. I have warned you.

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Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

beautiful modern cat trees

This tree really is for those kitties with a ? Refined? taste. Standing at 69 inches, this tree brings together functionality with style in just the right balance.? I like the bottom condo which some lazy cats will appreciate.

The tree also has stepped platform leading up to a very smooth half-moon resting space. All in all this tree offers modern design while still doing exactly what you want your cat tree to do.

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The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree

modern cat trees

Is it a book shelf? Is it a cat tree? No, it’s a two in one cat tree shelf. That may make no sense, but this cat tree is a great addition to any home. Not only are there six separate levels ( some for kitty and some for you ) but there are areas with scratching pads and carpeted sleep areas.

Made in white or black this cat tree is very elegant in that way it brings together your needs and your cats’ in one piece of furniture. The design also lends itself to all around modern chic and with enough of these in your house you will look like the future. Cue science-fiction meows

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Katris Modern Cat Blocks

coolest modern cat trees

Ever wanted to play Tetris with your furniture? Well, now you can. This epic cat tree allows you to change up the climbing space for your cats.? It comes with five uniquely shaped parts that you can clip into place to fit the aesthetic of your home.

Your cat will love the new adventures, and you will keep them on their toes. KATRIS comes in a variety of colours and wood finished and can be used to store books in or double up as a coffee table. This is true versatility at its best, not just regarding cat trees but in terms of furniture.

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So, there you have it you hip and happening people. Modern cat trees come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I like the wall mounted ones as I think that cats need to be able to look out onto their kingdoms. Like Pride Rock. As said before in previous cat tree articles, always make sure you secure the trees properly.

Make sure the part that stands on the ground is super stable, and the wall mounted ones are securely stuck on well. The last thing I want is a reenactment of Mufasa falling off the cliff, but with your cat and a poorly screwed in wall mount. She won’t be happy about it. You’ve been warned.

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